Monday, July 12, 2010


God is certainly doing something in my family that doesn't feel comfortable at all. We are dealing with health concerns as well as major financial concerns. My husband is making a career change which appears to be going about as well as Abram's big move in Genesis 12:1. God told Abraham to leave his home, leave his family and go the place "that I will show you". Abram left his old home without ever scouting out his new home. He never talked to a real estate agent, never read a community brochure... He simply knew that God wanted him to move, and he set out knowing he would know he was home when he got there. That's why Abraham is mentioned in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11.

God has us moving (although not physically moving to another land... don't worry, mom). He has us changing career and changing our life.. and the transition is so very difficult. Jim has prayed and the only answer he has recieved is "be still." A friend of ours prayed for us, and said "God is moving but for right now, wait."

It's difficult for us to wait, and even more difficult for the landlord, and the electric, gas and phone companies. They don't wait well.

Jim and I have sent resumes out, knocking on door after door, just waiting to see which God will open, but in the meantime... we don't have the luxury of unemployment or even a savings account. We are literally counting on God for our literal daily bread.

To that end, my mom and dad have been amazing in their support! Words cannot describe our appreciation for them. If my earthly parents care so much for each and every one of our needs, how much more does my Heavenly Father care. Mom and Dad are an incredible picture of God's love, and I pray that they are RICHLY BLESSED, as they have richly blessed us during this time!

Not only are they perfect examples of God's love, they are also perfect examples of what marriage should be. This past November they celebrated 50 years of marriage. There is no way you can compact 50 years in to a few minutes of video, ( even if a picture is worth 1000 words) yet I tried.

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Kahri said...

Praying with you during this difficult time. How hard it is for us to "be still" when we are such do-ers. Not only are we do-ers, but everyone expects us to be do-ing! I know it is hard to follow God wholeheartedly and turn off those other voices in our head, but I applaud that you all do that without a doubt. You are living testimonies of God's love. I am praying that your time of waiting is soon over and you will come out on the other side dancing.