Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Day

The 4th of July has always ranked right up there as one of my fave holidays. Nothing beats a good fireworks show!

For years our family tradition was to go to the fairgrounds, spread a blanket under the Driller and bask in the glow that was the Bell's Amusement Park Independence Day Celebration.

That was until the powers that be decided the Bell's was no longer needed or wanted as a Tulsa attraction. The powers that be are idiots.

So there we were, stranded, forced to change, forced to adapt, forced to make alternative 4th of July plans. There was a moment when we thought nothing could replace our fireworks under the Golden Driller. We watched other fireworks shows but they just didn't seem to have the power to replace what we thought was missing.

Our family ended up going to my parents house, for what we thought would be quiet evening with family. It certainly wouldn't have the excitement of the 4th of July crowds, the vendors selling lemonade and glo bracelets, and the loud booms that rock your insides, but we would be with family so it would be ok. We were wrong.

It was way more than OK! And it was way better than Bell's. (Although, we all still resent the politics that shut them down!)

Mom and Dad live on hill and from their comfortable, cool, breezy yard we could see fireworks no matter which way we turned. In fact, it's quite possible to end the evening with a full blown case of whiplash from turning your neck to see in all directions at once.

Dad lovingly prepares hot dogs and smoked bologna in his outdoor kitchen, while Mom prepares salads and cakes and lemonade... It's a feast.. and we don't have to wait in line or keep watch for the vendor carts.

And then there is the do it yourself fireworks. We put on our own show, right there in front of Mom and Dad's house, complete with a finale! I will admit, my family tends to lean towards pyromania and this is something we could never do in the midst of the crowds of Bells.. but now after three years of our new tradition, we can't imagine celebrating the 4th any other way.

Sometimes change is good.

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Kahri said...

So glad you had such a wonderful 4th!! I missed being in BA, lying in our pool and watching the people across 81st street light their HUGE fireworks....but next year! :-)