Sunday, October 22, 2006

a little appreciation

I hear it everyday!

"Mom, I don't have any socks!"
"Do I have any clean jeans?"
"Please tell me you washed some towels!"

Well, at least someone appreciates it when I don't do laundry!

Sleep well, Jessie.... tomorrow your cuddly bed will be gone and the smell of Meadow Breeze fabric softener will permeate the house!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Interview with a Teenager

Cody at 13

Cody at 3

It occurs to me, reading back over this blog that, what with teeth trauma and curly hair conundrums, the whole thing has been a bit Dillon-centric for the past few months. But Cody has been having an interesting few months as well. This summer, he became a teenager complete with a mustache. (Where has my little boy gone?) He is about 6 feet tall now, towering over me and stripping me of any intimidation factor I thought I might have had. In light of this new teenage thing he's doing, I thought I would interview him for this blog. Enjoy.

Mom: So, can you tell me how you feel, not that you are officially a teenager?

Cody: I dunno.

Mom: OK.. Well, I know that you are busy working designing your own video game. How is that coming?

Cody: I dunno.

Mom: Mmmm. Oh, I know.. Dad has let you drive a few times in the shop parking lot. How cool was that?

Cody: I dunno. (but with a smile)

Mom: Have you read any good books lately?

Cody: I dunno.

Mom: You're really embracing this whole teenage attitude thing, aren't you?

Cody: I dunno.


(Disclaimer - This was not an actual interview with the boy.. but a reasonable facsimile of one. His favorite sentence these days is, in fact, "I dunno." He uses this pat answer in all situations EXCEPT, if one were to truly ask him about the video game he is designing right now, one should probably wear comfortable clothes and pack a snack, because that is one thing he will talk and talk and talk and talk about!)