Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Miss Muffet with a twist

Little Miss Muffet
(that would be me for the purposes of this post)
Sat on a tuffet
(Ok, not sure what a tuffet is, but I was sitting in my car)
Eating her curds and whey
(ummm, yuck.. I wasn't eating any curds.. I was just driving)
When along came a spider
(a really big one!)
And sat down beside her
(actually, he fell on me as I adjusted my visor)
And frightened Miss Muffet away.
(Believe me, if I could have left the scene like the original Miss Muffet, I would have. Instead, I opted to stay in control of my vehicle despite the screaming and flailing of my arms. )

I would like to say no living creatures were harmed in this event, but that's just not true. The spider died a violent death.. and Miss Muffet survived to drive another day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An offer you can't refuse....

My boys... they are best friends, yet polar opposites. They are yin and yang. chaos and order. easy going and high strung. They are brothers and will fight to the death, yet give their lives for each other.

But there is one trait that Cody posesses that makes his brother crazy. And truth be told, it annoys me a bit too. The kid can get a candy bar at the grocery store and then, horror of all horrors, not eat it. He can let it sit in the refrigerator for days, even weeks at a time. The chocolate goodness taunts his brother, who will inhale any chocolate before it's even paid for.

It wasn't that long ago that Cody had stored up a chocolate treasure in the fridge that beckoned me every time I was in the kitchen. It's call was so great that I couldn't resist and in a move that can only be described as the antithesis of maternal compassion, I ate my child's Crunch Bar. I didn't do it all at once. Oh, no. I nibbled. Over the course of three days.. until it was gone. And then and only then, did my boy decide the time had come to consume his chocolate. When he discovered that his bar was missing, I tried to claim ignorance but in the end, I headed to the grocery to purchase another one. The guilt I felt was greater than that taste of the chocolate and I vowed that I would never pilfer any more sweets from my sweet boy.

Dillon is a younger brother and therefore has an easier time stealing chocolate from his easygoing, patient sibling.

This afternoon he came to me, and the conversation went like this:

Dillon: Cody hasn't eaten his crunch bar and it's been like 2 weeks.

Me: That sounds like your brother.

Dillon: I think he's forgotten about it.

Me: I doubt it.

Dillon: He would never know if I ate it.

Me: Dillon, I cannot give you permission to eat your brother's candy bar.

Dillon: (whispering) I'm not asking for permission, Mom. I want to know if you want in.

Should I be more concerned that my youngest son is heading for the chocolate mafia or that my oldest has no qualms about abandoning chocolate?

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Is it just me, or is Johnny Depp playing Elijah Wood playing the Mad Hatter?