Friday, January 19, 2007

7 weird things about me... it's a meme thing.

Ok, I'm going to play... but I have to warn you, it's going to be difficult to narrow the field down to just 7.

1. Every once and while I develop a craving for a balogna and frito sandwich. And I don't even have to be pregnant! Although when I was pregnant and suffering from all kinds of morning sickness, the only thing I could eat was chili-cheese dogs from Sonic. Nothing like spicey, greasy to chili to soothe an upset stomach.

2. Possibly from my pregnancy diet, I gave birth to an 11 pound baby. (Ok, maybe that's not weird, but it is an accomplishment and I will mention it as often as I can)

3. Hubby and I got engaged 2 weeks after our first date. We married 3 months later. I don't know what took us so long. (Our first date was actually 15 years ago, next week)

4. I once ran a red light with Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) in my car AND a garbage bag full of cock roaches in my car. Ok, I can see this one might require some explaining. First, the Kramer part. He was the weird one.. not me, but the fact that I actually agreed to drive cock roaches around makes it appear that his weirdness rubbed off a bit. It was on the set of "UHF" and I was driving actors to and from the set. Incidentally, the cock roach scene was cut out of the final film. It should be known that I no longer have that particular car.

5. Oh, here's something weird. I am completely tone deaf. Absolutely. And yet, in high school, my drama club (or thespians, as we hated to be called) won first place in a state competition. The character I played had to sing. Using my artistic license, (which was much easier to get than my driver's license) I made her a punk rock singer, so talent wasn't all that necessary!

6. I attended ORU for 5 years. I have yet to officially graduate.

7. And finally, I have crooked pinkies. So crooked, in fact, that I can hold my hands, palms up, and touch my two pinkies together and my ring fingers together and, voila, i have made a perfect heart. I suppose that's what makes me so gosh darn loveable!

What about you? Can you think of 7 weird things? No.. I mean about you! Not about me!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Deep Thoughts by Dillon

So, Dillon and I were having a little discussion on the Bible. Dillon mentions that God is a great story-teller and He's always writing. I asked him what he meant and this is a direct quote from my Dillon...
"Even now, He is writing the story that is me."
It makes this Mama Writer's heart swell with pride. Dillon has deep thoughts and a way with words!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Blog... such a silly name for such a powerful tool

Never, ever underestimate the power of a blog.

A few months ago, an old friend from college found my blog. I went to his family blog and from there surfed on over to other blogs.. some bloggers I knew from school.. some I didn't. One particularly caught my heart.

I check Noah Steven's Blog daily... praying for a miracle. I can honestly say that the seeking I have done on Noah's behalf, has strengthened me and brought me so much closer to the Lord. I know he is moving in my life in a powerful way today, and I just know that it is because Noah took me back down to my knees.

I challenge each to you to go read about Noah, and all he has been through in his little life.. but also FEEL... (because it's tangible... it's not simply words) FEEL the Grace that is on this family. God has not abandoned them.. but He is with the broken hearted. Noah's mother faithfully updated us but I was amazed when she would ask that commenters leave prayer requests so she could pray for them, as they prayed for her. She is an inspiration and such a woman of God.

I don't know why bad things happen.. but I do know that unless there are valleys you cannot appreciate the mountains. I know that Noah touched more lives in his months than I have in my years.

So, read about Noah and see if he doesn't lead you to a closer walk with God as well.