Saturday, January 21, 2006

In which my faith is restored in humanity

I'm sure all the regular readers of this forum (yes, both of you!) have been holding your breathe waiting for some kind of update on our recent victimization!

The Tahoe and all it's contents are still gone. The detective says that the video from WalMart doesn't show anything. And in an interesting turn of events, it seems our debit card is being used by someone to pay membership fees to America Online.

Oh, and here is a funny thing.. American Online fraud division won't tell us who is using a credit card for..... you won't believe it..... wait for it....... SECURITY REASONS! Whose security? They have a phone number.. they have an e-mail address but they truly don't want to infringe on the guy's (or gal's) privacy. You know, the nice person who is helping themselves to AOL on me! We gave our detective all the info...just in case it's not some terrible coincidence and the two crimes are really related. Maybe the detective can get farther than I did with the fraud investigators who are more intent on protecting the fraudulent than the fraudees!

But all is not hopeless.. In fact, all is pretty good. Thanks to a wonderful friend, who just happened to have a van in her garage that needed a new home, I am still able to jet about town! This friend just about tripped over herself explaining all that was wrong with the van and apologizing in advance in the event that the engine might fall out as I drove down the street, but the van has been wonderful! Not only did she give my family the van, she put $25 in gas in it... which, by the way, lasted longer than any other $25 of gas I have purchased in recent years. We even had friends come over the other day who used to drive a van just like this one, and told me how jealous they were because they wish they had theirs back.

So there may be bad people in the world.. but there are good people too! And even if they don't outnumber the bad ones, they definately outshine them!

And, Tarry, if you're reading this.... THANK YOU AGAIN!