Saturday, December 31, 2005

Anyone see a Chevy Tahoe?

Well, it's almost 1 in the morning and we just got home from WalMart. We didn't plan to be out this late, but unfortunately plans go out the window when someone STEALS YOUR CAR!!!! Yes, the Tahoe disappeared from WalMart's parking lot while we were looking for Draino.

Not only was our car stolen, but Jim's backpack which is basically his office in a bag is missing along with all his keys, his planner, and a journal that he had been keeping for the boys. The journal also had some songs he had written or was in the process of writing.

The Tahoe was paid for so we only had liability insurance. I don't know what we will do now.. but I know God will provide.

I am just happy we are all safe. We were in WalMart when a man walked up to us and said "Excuse Me" He seemed a bit grumpy and I thought maybe the boys were annoying him.. they were in his way as he tried to pass. A few minutes later, the boys wanted to go look at video games and Jim was still searching the tools aisle so he said he would meet us there. On the way we stopped at the excercise section. That same man soon walked past me again only this time he was followed by another man with a bandana wrapped around his head. I thought I saw the first man motion towards me and the boys as if pointing me out to his friend. Then he left and his friend stayed there.. I was a little uncomfortable with that so the boys and I headed for the video games.. but soon bandana man was there too. In fact, for quite a while he seemed to be just no more than a couple of aisles away. I would not let the boys out of my sight and was really freaked out about what kind of scam was being pulled on us. I decided to head back to Jim and I never saw bandana man again. But Jim and I were both feeling a little weirded out. We shopped a bit more and then went to check out. Jim and Dillon went to get the car and Cody stayed with me. It wasn't long before Dillon came running back in saying the car was gone. I figured they were trying to tease us but when I saw the look on Jim's face, I knew it was true. Our car had been stolen.

The police came to the store and I filled out a report letting them know about the two men. The only thing I can figure is they must have seen us come in, and one went to steal the car while the other watched us to make sure we were not leaving.. but even that doesn't make much sense.... Nothing makes any sense! Why in the world would someone do that to another person.

Jim's brother came to pick up up from the store and brought us home. The police stayed and talked to the manager of WalMart and we should have video footage tomorrow that will at least tell us who did it.. but the truth of the matter is the car is probably in pieces now in some chop shop. The police then came to the house where we had a lot of fun going through all my piles to find the title to the car. If I wasn't so angry I would have been embarrased by my home. It was a mess.

After the police left, Jim got angry. He announced that he was going into the garage and that he just might cuss. Dillon told him to go ahead and promised he wouldn't listen. Then Dillon had a better thought. He asked his daddy to read him something instead of going into the garage. And then Dillon handed Jim the Bible. Jim read us all the 23rd Psalm. Dillon went to sleep tonight clutching the Bible. Cody went to sleep imagining what he would do if he ever found the guys who took the car. I was suprised that my mild mannered, good natured guy had so much passion in him. In fact, tonight the roles were reversed. Dillon was the thoughtful one and Cody was the angry one.

Me.. I just feel like my stomach might explode any second. Those acid machines are working over time. Jim is having chest pains but tells me not to worry. Too late.

I am so thankful we are all safe.. Things can be replaced. I'm honestly not worried about the car. But I worry about my boys.. they lost a little bit of innocence tonight. They lost a little bit of security. This should never have happened. And I keep thinking that I could have done something different. When those men first started acting suspicious, I should have gone to Jim and told him what had happened.. but I doubted myself. I thought perhaps I was imagining things or becoming a worry wart like my mother. You can be sure I will trust myself from now on!

I think the adrenalin is wearing off now and I might be able to go to sleep. Say a prayer when you think of us.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

In Which I Slap Myself in the Face

Literally, I slapped myself in the face tonight. And it still stings.

It started with dinner at an Italian restaurant which was perfect if for no other reason than I was able to eat tiramisu surrounded by great friends. The food was fantastic, and the conversation was even better. The only thing that could top it was a dollar movie. After a lengthy discussion, all 8 of us decided we couldn't decide on a movie, so we divided up and saw two different films. One group, who were in a particularly randy mood saw Wedding Crashers. The other group, my group, went to see Flight Plan.

Now I really enjoyed Flight Plan despite some bad reviews I had read. In all fairness, those reviewers did not see the film with the same people I saw it with. I really rather enjoyed myself, but I'm afraid those sitting near us might not say the same. I am sure that Flight Plan was never meant to the be the comedy that we made it. That's not to say we didn't enjoy the suspense factor. In fact, because the suspense was so intense, during one crucial scene, when the bad guy was about to get beaned with a fire extinguisher of gargantuan proportion, I quickly covered my eyes..Not only did I cover my eyes quickly, but also with great velocity! Being slapped can be a humiliating experience, but it in no way compares to the humiliation you feel when you slap yourself. I guess that's a testament to how I felt about tonight.. from dinner, to friends, to a high suspense film... It was simply face slapping good!

This particular blog post was brought to you by the words blog, handcuffs and duct tape and by the letter "P" but you'll have to ask Melissa about that.