Monday, March 27, 2006

Dillon and the Curly Hair

My Dillon... my little hobbit who is outgrowing his hobbit hole all to quickly. I'm sure he is already taller than Frodo or SamWise.. but he will always have his hobbit hair. I love his curls. His daddy loves his curls. His grandparents all love his curls. He hates his curls. Almost as much as I hated my straight, lifeless, not blonde, not curly hair when I was his age.

The other morning, he finally emerged from the bathroom, the smell of hair product wafting in the air. "I tried to tame my hair", he said with all the seriousness in the world, "but I didn't have a bull whip!"

Oh, Dillon...don't give up! Girls are gonna love those curls!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen- a day late

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about MY NAME

1. My name is Melanie
2. I was not named after the Melanie in gone with the wind
3. Rumor has it, I was supposed to be a Melissa
4. When my mother had me, her hospital roommate had a little girl as well
5. My mom had 2 sons named Mark and Mike
6. My mom's roommate had 2 sons named Mark and Mike
7. My mom's roommate had picked the name Melanie out.
8. If I had been a boy my name would have been Matthew... the same name my mom's roomate had chosen if her baby would have been a boy.
9. After discussing names, the roommates traded. I became a Melanie and the other baby became a Melissa.
10. I met that Melissa when I was in 7th grade and we both ended up at the same private school.
11. Melissa told her mom she met a girl named Melanie who shared her birthday.. and Melissa's mom put the whole thing together.
12. My middle name is Dawn.
13. Melanie means dark, so my name could be translated to mean dark sunrise.. which is so NOT ME... but nevertheless, I love my name.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about MY KIDS NAMES

1. Cody was going to be an Elijah
2. I have pictures of my hubby when he was younger that looked just like Elijah Wood, so it seemed a logical choice.
3. Except that Elijah Walenciak is a harsh name for any kid.
4. We decided on Cody one day while we were at the Horse Races in Hot Springs.
5. Cody is NOT named after Kathie Lee's son, Cody Gifford.
6. Cody is named after Cody, Wyoming
7. Cody's middle name is James, after his daddy.
8. Dillon was always going to be a Dillon.
9. He does look like Elijah Wood though, and his curly, floppy hair has earned him the nickname, Frodo.
10. Dillon is named after Dillon, Montana.
11. His middle name is Colter
12. My hubby and I don't agree on how to spell Colter. Jim wants to put a "u" in it.. like Coulter. 13. If we had a girl, her name would have been Cheyenne.. after Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Can you tell my husband's favorite part of the country?)

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